Version AddedRequest #Feature Request: Feature Request NameToolDate Added
Altiva Licence Server v5.00.03F-20171084Change the installer from MSI back to EXE format to allow improved scriptingLicensing12/01/2017
Altiva Licence Server v5.00.03F-20171085ALS can now be re-installed over the top while still running in the backgroundLicensing12/01/2017
Altiva Licence Server v5.00.02F-20161083Add a variable to limit number of simultaneous client connectionsLicensing23/12/2016
Altiva Licence Server v5.00.01F-20161073Automatically allow older licence versions under maintenanceLicensing17/10/2016
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.10F-20161055Add an option to disable the HTTP serverLicensing21/03/2016
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.10F-20161056Add an option to disable heartbeat reconnectionLicensing21/03/2016
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.04F-20100741Convert the installer from Inno to an MSIInstaller15/11/2010
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.02F-20100647Change the server licence checking to be case-insensitiveLicensing3/02/2010
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.02F-20100648Automatically detect and remove the CMLS serviceLicensing3/02/2010
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.01F-20090459Allow the user to define the log file retention dateLicensing24/03/2009
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.01F-20090458Allow department licences to strictly reserved licencesLicensing16/03/2009

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