Fixed in VersionBug: Bug #SummaryToolDate Fixed
Altiva Licence Server v5.00.01B-20162261The alive timer may request an extra licence if the product version differedLicensing20/12/2016
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.08B-20142043Eliminated close-socket race conditions in multithreading persistent HTTP requestsLicensing3/03/2014
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.02B-20091531Computer names over 15 characters are not supportedLicensing21/08/2009
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.02B-20101628Log files are not flushed immediatelyLicensing2/02/2010
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.02B-20101631The service did not abort if the listener did not initialise successfullyLicensing2/02/2010
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.02B-20101632The Visual C++ runtime library is not included by the installerLicensing2/02/2010
Altiva Licence Server v4.00.00B-20091457ALS would fail startup if the Firewall was not yet initialisedLicensing25/03/2009

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