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Command Line Interface

ALS runs as a standard Windows Service. The ALS service can be partially controlled via a command line interface, such as through a DOS prompt or a shell script. The following command line arguments are supported:

ALS -INSTALL Installs the Service
ALS -REMOVE Stops and removes the Service
ALS -DEBUG Installs and starts the Service in debug mode
ALS -START Starts the "Altiva Licence Server" service
ALS -STOP Stops the "Altiva Licence Server" service

Note that the command line interface does not output errors to the DOS window, so there is no visual feedback if the service fails to start or stop. The debug log will contain more information if something goes wrong.

As ALS installs as a standard Windows Service, it can also be controlled via the "Services" component of the "Administrative Tools" section of the Windows Control Panel. This allows the administrator to start, stop or restart the service, as well as change the start-up type (automatic, manual, etc).

The Windows Service Control Manager also allows the ALS service to be controlled and queried

Additional command line tools can be used for querying the service using the "net" commands and the "sc" commands through a DOS window, e.g.


Queries the Altiva Licence Service
Starts the Altiva Licence Service
Stops the Altiva Licence Service

* Note that the SC command uses the internal name for the ALS service "Altiva", whereas the Service Control Manager uses the display name "Altiva Licence Server".

Service Control via DOS prompt

An example query of the ALS using the SC command in a DOS window