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Altiva Licence Server

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Altiva Licence Server has a client-server methodology. The Altiva Licence Server is installed on a server machine whose job is to serve licences to client machines as they request them. Both the server and the client machine communicate to each other using the standard Internet TCP/IP protocol. For this communication to occur, each machine must have this protocol installed and configured. This is a standard Windows component that is installed as part of the Operating System, but may have been disabled if the machine is not internet-facing. See the Server Requirements for more specific information.

Client=Server Architecture


Communication between client and server occurs on two different ports, defined in the "ALS.cfg" configuration as the "LICENCE_SERVER_PORT_NUM" and the "HTTP_SERVER_PORT_NUM", which are ports 1999 and 1998 respectively, by default. The licensing communication happens on the main port, whereas the human-readable web communication happens on the HTML port. The HTML port can be used to view the current licence pool or the ALS service status from a remote computer that may not have direct access or privileges on the server machine. The web interface can also be viewed on any machine that can communicate on the HTML port to the ALS server, and thus may not necessarily be a CAD Workstation.