Altiva Licence Server


If any problems occur getting the Altiva Licence Server started, the source of the problem can usually be found in the debugging log file: "Debug_xxxx.log" (where x denotes an incremented number, e.g. "debug_0051.log"). The easiest way to view the current debugging log file is to use the ALS Main Window and click on the Debug Log button. Service related issues may also be logged in the Windows Event Viewer, which can be viewed by clicking on "Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Application" and looking for a source set to "Altiva".

If the ALS service starts with no errors reported in the debug log, but licences are not served, then it is likely that the problem is on the client-side. The most common problem here is that the client-side firewall is blocked for the server port (1999 by default), so the firewall settings should be checked. The second most likely problem on the client-side is that the server can not be reached. It may be worth attempting to "ping" the server from a client machine (see your IT manager for more information) to ensure the server is reachable.

You can increase the level of debug information by editing the "als.cfg" file, setting "DEBUG_LEVEL=3" and restarting the service. This will produce a lot more debugging information in the log files, which may help in isolating the problem.

If a problem persists, then please send all log files to Altiva Software so we can determine what the problem is.

Contact details for Altiva Software can be found on the Altiva website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via e-mail.

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