Altiva Licence Server

Installed Files

The Altiva Licence Server installation program installs the executable files into the directory specified by the user, denoted here as $(ALS_EXEC), as well as the Common Files directory, denoted here as $(ALS_APPDATA). Example paths for these variables under an English install of Windows XP might be:

$(ALS_EXEC)	= C:\Program Files\Altiva Software\Altiva Licence Server
$(ALS_APPDATA)	= C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Altiva Software\Altiva Licence Server

Under Windows Vista, $(ALS_APPDATA) will more likely look like this:

$(ALS_APPDATA)	= C:\ProgramData\Altiva Software\Altiva Licence Server

Below are a list of significant files and directories installed by ALS:

The program executable
A directory containing various optional system plugins
$(ALS_EXEC)\Documentation\ALS Manual.chm
The ALS Reference Manual
A directory containing pool licences files
The user configuration file
A directory containing various log files

The following files are created automatically when the service is running:

A history of user licence access
A debugging log reporting network errors
A log of current licence availability
$(ALS_APPDATA)\LOGGING\Licences Expired.log
A log of expired licences

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